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Gosia's profile pictureSo… A bit about me. I love being in touch with nature and enjoying the moment. In our busy lives, it is so easy to lose yourself in a daily routine and forget who we really are… In my professional life, working in Human Resources, I learnt that quite often we forget that we are a part of something bigger. We forget that we are a part of nature. This was my inspiration to create this blog.

I travel whenever I can, whether it is on my doorstep or in another country.  My favourite activities include sailing, walking, running, mountain biking, swimming, meeting like-minded people, learning about different cultures and enjoying the moment.  There is a couple of things which I do daily and they are yoga and meditation. This is where the title of this blog came from. Being a mom, I am hoping that my son will follow my interests as they really help me to stay happy and connected with my inner self.

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