The blue moon and a goldfinch

The unusual blue moon, the second full moon in a month happened yesterday but it was too cloudy to be able to see it. However, this morning the moon was still very big and this is what it looked like where I live:

Moon over a field
With this unusual moon, came a very strong wind. And there was a little cute guest on a bird feeder, a goldfinch. Unfortunately, I did not manage to take a picture of it, but if you don’t know what a goldfinch looks like, there is one on Wikipedia. Goldfinch is a truly beautiful bird, with a red beak and face and yellow- black wings. I really need a camera trap to be able to capture all the amazing birds we get on the feeder. Unusually, it visited us by itself. Every other time goldfinches came as a group of at least four. It stayed on the feeder munching nuts for a long time. This made me think that it must have been very hungry. I wandered, why? Why was it so hungry and why did it come by itself… It is gone now. Hopefully, it is all right. Maybe it just got confused by the second blue moon this month.

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