three breads and slices of pizza

For the love of baking

Up until the beginning of the lockdown, I have been lucky as I would get freshly baked sourdough bread delivered to me directly by mum. Now, this is no longer the case so I decided that I have to start baking my own bread. I bake using fresh flour delivered straight from the mill. I also have my own sourdough starter which I feed every day. I made some bread before but they were rather poorly – either underbaked or burnt. Only recently I have understood why this happened. The reason behind this was that I was not baking mindfully. I have always felt that if I baked something, it will never be good enough. This belief caused that I was not fully focusing on my baking. I was thinking about whether it is going to be a perfect dough.I was thinking too much about the future and not enough about here and now. It was something that I felt I had to do and I did not have pleasure in moulding the dough. Now, this is changed. I treat baking as a form of meditation. Of course, being a stay at home mum I have more time for baking. As a result, I can enjoy it more. Having made the first bread I noticed how much my son and my partner enjoy the bread that I make and this makes me want to bake even more. And it makes me feel good too. This also encouraged me to make pizzas more often, something that I would do occasionally in the past. Yes, it is time-consuming but it is so much healthier. And what a great mindfulness exercise this is.

I am not going to change my blog into a culinary blog. There are too many beautiful perfect culinary blogs ou there. I am not in a position and do not want to compete with them. I appreciate them as often as I get annoyed about how perfect everything on them is. The pictures, the kitchens. I wrote about my baking experience as I felt that I had to share this to encourage others to be persistent and continue things which they enjoy even if they are not perfect at them, whatever they are. And as we continue doing them more and more, we became better at them. It is that simple.

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